KEEPING LOVE ALIVE (50 years & holding) – Happy Valentines Day

1. Keep the Faith – Let your children know what you stand for. Someday, you may be too ill to pray yourself.
2. Two Bathrooms – Without two, you could reach the age of 80 and still be hollering, “Aren’t you done in there yet?”
3. Share – Joy: I hope fathers will always be in the delivery room. That wasn’t allowed when our first three children (of four) were born. Work: He cleans the top of the refrigerator. I mop. From the beginning, we valued differences. I would iron. He would change the oil. Now, I iron less; we pay for oil change.
4. Learn how to Argue – To say, “You make me feel like . . .”, the reply begins a futile, argument. “No, I don’t.” “Yes, you do.” Instead, wait until strong feelings subside and assume responsibility for your feelings. “I felt [left out] . . .”. Now an exchange of insightful information is possible.
5. Kiss goodnight, good-bye, and good morning.
6. Treasure the feeling, that first made you special to him/her.
7. Value Commitment – It gained us 10 grandchildren and one angel in Heaven. They make us laugh at ourselves, move faster, and fall in love again.