I am a wife, a mother of four grown children, and grandmother of 10. I returned to college at age 45 to earn a BA in Liberal Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) while working a full-time job. My first poems were published in 2000, locally, and in the UIS Literary Journal, Alchemist Review, 2003 (archived) and 2014.

For many years I’ve purchased kids books, and read to kids, and now I want to write for kids – for all the kids we love.  Click at the end of “PfY”. Then, click the YouTube pop-up link.  http://youtu.be/NdCf1ej2PfY

If you are writing for children, I recommend the following  programs of this slide presentation. Please scroll beneath the slides to READ MORE.

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I began with Children’s Book Insiders, online, where I came to understand the language and formatting of children’s picture books and much more. I joined www.SCBWI.org

I participated at Silver and Gold Levels in Julie Hedlund’s  www.12x12challenge.com by writing one new manuscript each month and revising a previous one. I’ve met published and pre-published authors who have inspired me.

An eye-opening course, JUST WRITE CHILDREN’s BOOKS, with professor and author, Emma Walton Hamilton taught how to analyze Picture Books. www.emmawaltonhamilton.com

Finishing a 2017 goal, my diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature was framed and hung on my wall.

Most challenging and enjoyable is a 30-day challenge to get 30 ideas or picture book titles. Formerly PiBoIdMo, in January 2018 I completed STORYSTORM. https://Writing for Kids (While Raising Them).com

I invite you to join me on my writing  journey.



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