The Right Writing Place

Not every day is a writing day, although I agree this is the best way to form such a habit. Thoughts swirl in my mind, a to-do list seems to grow by the hour, and 10 minutes doesn’t seem long enough to compose a single sentence. But today, 10 minutes was just enough to get two ideas down on paper as a “note to self.”

Today is my effort to fashion a writing time again (after surgery, recovery, a long-weekend in Maine, online learning in two great programs, and an excellent SCBWI meeting, and “school’s starting” fun with my grandkids claimed my attention). I make coffee and take half a cookie into a room where music plays low to occupy the side of my brain that is thinking about the carpet, the laundry, the dinner that’s planned out, but will soon need started.

I actually get focused more quickly when my grandson stays the day. By his nap time, my brain is too tired to multi-task. The birds’ conversation out back on the screened-in porch helps, unless a close mower tops the chirping. Sometimes I read a bit first or work on last week’s crossword puzzle.

So, if this is your time, pick up a pen, paper, water or other, and get to your “supportive place” (chair/room/porch). Begin with something you know: the past, family, an issue, a new word (look it up), or the color ____, and describe it using the five senses. You are on your way. From your writing habit, you will develop a strong voice. And, that voice will take you where you need to be.


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